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2013 Global Sport Management Summit

2013 Global Sport Management Summit & WASM Annual General Meeting


On October 25 through 27, 2013, Taiwan will again be the host venue of the Global Sport Management Summit for the 4th consecutive year. The Summit’s theme of 2013 is SPORT TOURISM. People in the field of tourism and sports are welcomed to discuss this up and coming concept.

In recent years, the world economy has been weakened, and many countries are suffering from increasing unemployment rates and slowing business climate. As a global organization as well as a global forum, can we do something to help? We believe our passion and integrity would ultimately lead us to great solutions!

This year, we hope we can build on the success of last year’s meeting with the WASM, World Association for Sport Management finally in place and hope for exciting ideas and prospects for the future.

As part of the WASM discussion panels and meetings, members from all 6 of the regional associations of sport management (NASSM, EASM, AASM, ASMA, ALGEDE and SMAANZ) will be present to relay knowledge and expertise in several areas with a desire to create a positive impact for sport and tourism worldwide!


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Oh Diana, I clicked on the Hire me buottn and my oh my, the amount of work you have done is AMAZING, as in unbelievable! **head spins and pops off** Wishing you a De-Lovely day.**blows kisses** Deb
Lucas 2013-09-25 06:52:52 IP: 128.231.XXX.XXX
Las Vegas too. I was much more prepared this time. I even had a press pass! I shot the now fauoms Do You Put Ketchup on Your Hot Dogsa0video and once again had a great time. I met many more people and made many more connections. This
Rajiv 2013-09-23 13:02:19 IP: 212.143.XXX.XXX
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