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About Hotel


Hospitality Management Department at Chung-Hua University

    The intern hotel functions as training and practicing venue for students in learning how to the room and guest services were provided in real hotel operation.It is expected that knowledge and experience with respectto hotel management may be learned by students through their in person participation in such a make-believe teaching environment. In addition to functioning as a practical training and practical venue for students, the intern hotel also offers other logistical services to the University.

Totally relaxed space

 Accommodations consist of 4 king size of VIP rooms, 8 queen size of single rooms and 36 twin size of double rooms, comfortably furnished and outfitted to perfection down to the detail to create an elegant refinement exactly suited for relaxation.

Touch your heart

 Amenities satisfy our guests. They include separate check-in for group and individual, one extra pillow, toiletries, slippers, coffee and tea bags, mineral water, morning call and on-campus parking space. Staff at front desk may offer you a fax service. In addition, there is a post office on the first floor of the administration building as well.

YH of Chung Hua

 Chung Hua University has been a part of the Chinese Taipei Youth Hostel Association family since 2006, becoming the first college to institute the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF) program. In accordance to the IYHF charter, our hotel does not discriminate against any nationality, age, gender, occupation, religion, or political standpoint, and welcomes all with cleaniness, security, privacy, and comfort to all who need it. By staying at a hotel using the IYHF program, you will rent a bed rather than a room, allowing you to share a room with a potential traveling friend.





TEL: :03-5186000; 03-5374281#2700